"Although to eight, and ten centimeters

came to me and asked me whether or not anything. But I

saying, "Thank you, Sun normal."

But in poldvenadtsatogo I could not lie to her, "I

it seems that I can not stand, I'd better do a cesarean. "

"No, no, you're done, well-kept" - cheered

she had me.

"No, I can not ... I'm hurt! God, when is it

end ... "I moaned. Mom's friend called the doctor

Olesya, she looked to me. Girl

slipped her hand inside of me and said: "The opening of six

centimeters! "

"And how many have to begin to give birth?" - I asked. "Although

to eight, and ten centimeters better, "- said the doctor. Sun

this time I tried to breathe in how to properly

battles: inhale slowly through your nose and exhale slowly

through the mouth .... But now it is not work, I furiously

lock for breath when the fight waste, then

clenched his teeth in pain, when she again shackled my stomach.

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