like back when I was last time. Seemingly

Lovely woman with a neat haircut and sky

blue eyes, and when communicating - nervous person, and to have

She did not ask me or another pregnant, questions remain

no answer or answer a completely different genre, rather

all curses. The last time I was in the hospital

on conservation, I was sent for an ultrasound before discharge. So

Frankly about childbirth

A labor-it "on the nose"

U.S. doctor did exactly this. It scared me, that the child

Wrap the cord.

And my question is: "Do not you see? Boy or girl? "

She replied: "I'm not saying that's a girl!"

Then I have asked, "What time is it weighs my

child? "

She growled, "What are you? Was about to give birth? "

In general, it is not a good man, and experts say -

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