C : My kid hung

C : My kid hung on Breast on hour , sometimes two . Slept for half an hour . Mir studied too not a long time , sitting in deckchair , looking , as I prepare on kitchen . Could he fall asleep , just lying in deckchair or next with me on couch , where I watching TV .

D: Do us in 1 month not was mode , and in 2 , too .

E : First two week ate every 2 hours and even night , then began the evening of torment with jeep , and spruce ( hanging on Sise ) almost all time , if the flipper - woke up , and all for new . Just closer to end 1 - the first month at walking about sleep almost 3 hours soundly and night to sleep hours in 11, and to 6 am asleep in his crib .

F: There is no mode and in sight not was .

G: You know , I think , that the regime needed all . Only ... he at each special " floating . " Child not alarm clock and not can yes in 3-6 - 9-12 ... There are kids , who only eat and sleep , and yes such , that in two weeks already pretty lot бодрствуют , рассматривая мир вокруг . Тут каждый индивидуален . В month at my children more was GW , IW went later , but ... I think , that and with order , and with other must watch and understand , when a child hungry and wants yes ( feed , not forward with hours , until comes the appointed time ), and when sore tummy or just on Handle want ... My kids ( both ) ate 20-40 minutes , then was break 2-3 hours . K end months and one , and other could quite a long time not sleep ( day ), considering all around .

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