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Separate and very loved me theme - bells. As I their collect me was easier, but I think, quite not difficult buy several pieces. And better only that with using bells very develop good tactile sensation kid applying to it palms, they more and sound on - different, very gently and in that same time bright, beautiful ... Children very love their listen. Do bells yes more one important function - soothing. I'm up to now then when my daughter resists dressing or decidedly out in

crying, functioning bell and instantly get the right time for dressing or switching attention from Tears on that - what else.

You can put the child on tummy. This and development (baby immediately same learning keep head), and to Health useful (helps "propukatsya"), and is to child entertainment. Do you think he so like all time conduct on the back? Give him opportunity itself determine in what position will comfortable! Some children, for example, as included in taste stay on tummy that and sleep so slightly whether not with birth.

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