It turned out that

got up, and I could not. She said that the doctor in the morning for me

tell, and brought us thermometers. It turned out that I

elevated temperature, plus thirty eight and seven, and

pressure is raised to one hundred thirty eighty. Lena

about eight in the evening brought her daughter to the feeding and

me of the child is not yet trusted: I did myself on my feet will not stand

could, as I have been able to keep the baby in her arms?

Frankly about childbirth

I - a young mom

Chamber we had lots of light, designed for two

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like back when I was last time. Seemingly

Lovely woman with a neat haircut and sky

blue eyes, and when communicating - nervous person, and to have

She did not ask me or another pregnant, questions remain

no answer or answer a completely different genre, rather

all curses. The last time I was in the hospital

on conservation, I was sent for an ultrasound before discharge. So

Frankly about childbirth

A labor-it "on the nose"

U.S. doctor did exactly this. It scared me, that the child

Wrap the cord.

And my question is: "Do not you see? Boy or girl? "

She replied: "I'm not saying that's a girl!"

Then I have asked, "What time is it weighs my

child? "

She growled, "What are you? Was about to give birth? "

In general, it is not a good man, and experts say -

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N d o and x and t with

n d o and x and t with s I and to a m o n o f n and w e;

n o d u to w and b e h o p and a n o s t and - x about Kurosh e e p e d a s t in about z and n, and m s in m and m and n c e l I

b e r e m e n n o d e f u n and n s and n e n o d e p a r a e t o p a n o a s t and w and s n s m and n s w a;

e with l and in s in s n y and d e n s with about a w e r and t s e l and t e n o m y th e p o s e to y, k and w e s e d c a h and with and

about with t and n and l and m a y e a b d e l a y t e l e r y to z and w and m n with m and auna with in th e w m o s e x e y.

Additional traffic rules

- Forget the word "slip";

- in case of emergency stops and emergency gang - your

health is more expensive;

- in addition to your first aid kit in the road must be set: the mobile

phone, drinking water without gas, light meal;

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Especially it is necessary

Bondage is easily hidden under clothing and not visible. Many women after childbirth want to tighten the stomach, get rid of stretch marks. The best way to achieve this - wearing a bandage postpartum. Especially it is necessary for those women who underwent cesarean section. Bondage help fix incision and support the lower part of the abdominal wall.

Pregnancy and computer

On the one hand, there is no reliable evidence that the computer increases the risk of miscarriage or increases the frequency of fetal malformations. Monitor is not a source of ionizing radiation or radioactive. Читать полностью -->

It is believed

This vitamin is involved in the oxidation- reduction processes occurring in the body. Distinguish two forms of vitamin E - nicotinic acid and nikotinoamid. Their effect on the body is slightly different.

Nicotinic acid

It is also referred to as niacin. It is believed that this is the most effective means of normalizing cholesterol. In addition, niacin improves the cardiovascular system and is especially suitable for people with high blood pressure. Pregnant women suffering from any gastrointestinal, skin and infectious diseases, is also useful nicotinic acid.

It has been proven that even patients who have experienced myocardial infarction, noted improvement in their condition, taking niacin. Читать полностью -->

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  • Snack: Melon
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