Too caring and overbearing

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Tyr I quote a French obstetrician Michel Auden: "The presence of some men really helps leave; presence of others only slows their progress. Sometimes very worried man very concerned and tries to hide his anxiety, too much talking, it can interfere with a woman talks to focus on delivery. I remember one case where a woman could not move further in childbirth 8-centimeter opening, and when the father came out of the room for a while to rest, the child was born very quickly. Although this woman told us that she wants her husband present at birth, her body said something quite different. Too caring and overbearing man also may have a negative impact on labor. He kept massaging, caressing, holding his woman that belongs to him. Читать полностью -->

N e h e n s - 246; n e h e n s g on in I'll s I - 240; w n and n and m - 204; I'm about

n e h e n s - 246;

n e h e n s g on in I'll s I - 240;

w n and n and m - 204;

I'm about to - 200;

W o b s with about e in s e - 155;

w e l t about to to have p and n otal I fi nd a - 154;

n k o p and d - 142;

r r & b s b e l s e with y w e n s e - 140;

with a l and t s e l e n d s - 133;

with n and p and w - 118;

s e l e n s n e t r y and w to - 110;

h e h e a n and a - 104;

f and from about l - 90;

s with p a m a m b e r - 62;

p on h and to g on in and I'll s - 56;

PROOF p o d n e w s and p n th - 40;

r r & b s b e l s e s in e x and e - 40;

s with p r about to F O R - 39;

PROOF p o d w and r n s th - 35;

to p at p and g p h e n e c a I - 32;

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Sheets on gum - No stray

Very comfortable thing - Theft to feeding. It useful and in time feeding and to fixation toddler in time Sleep and in As the roller when baby will lie on tummy.

Night light - Really is needed, especially first time. Low for convenience its one can not turn off generally.

With weights can extra not hurry - Now enough many places where their one can take hire.

Baby - Very facilitates life, even in small apartment.

Sheets on gum - No stray and not crease.

Towels to swimming better at once buy High size. Cause that they will Need long time, if buy small, then a two - three months toddler in They wrap will already uncomfortable.

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In it baby on rarity

buy those wherein legs one can do and on individually, and zip

together to form "Sleeping bag. "In "Poke" comfortably sleep in wheelchair

"Legs" convenient take on hands and wear in sling in position "To

Me. "

look to hood jumpsuit smog tight adjoin

to head toddler or had to it special zavyazochki.

note that clothing from Fleece good preserves warm, but poorly

skips air, so to long socks its better not to use.

recommend buy "Sleeping" to Housing. In it baby on rarity comfortable. Feet are in pouch, and Handle available that mimics "Free" swaddling. Such "Blankets" not Reset.

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Everyone was asleep, a deathly

housekeeper and recovered by us in the room. Everyone was asleep,

a deathly silence. I went to the toilet, and going to the

room, swore: "Well, sleep, you bastards! And I, like a fool,

stand under the doors! "Right where the bed to accommodate two

Lena: one - a lawyer, the other - the programmer, came

easy yuk. They both lay there pretending to be asleep, hid

person under the blanket.

Slept on the bed left our programmer Vadim

frail, low growth guy, pretty signature of this

night. I was supposed to go to sleep on the bed in the middle

window with Tatiana, but came closer, I saw that she

sleeping on your stomach, arms and legs spread out wide, they

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  • N e h e n s - 246; n e h e n s g on in I'll s I - 240; w n and n and m - 204; I'm about
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