If you do not work, play

60 My Points 15 th game CORRECT ANSWER: The chip is stopped here If you answer correctly, you get 5 points. If you do not work, play again. Play this game to Since then, until it starts to turn out. Well, it turns out? Now complicate the game.

61 moves: 1 down 3 to the right 1 up 1 left 2 down 2 left 1 down Game 16 Game 16 You already know how to do two different actions at the same time - memorize and draw, memorize and hold a stick. This is a very important exercise for those who want to develop their memory and attention. Now you will learn at the same time move the chip and remembering nat words. Читать полностью -->

Plants such

Also not recommended brew as tea leaves oregano, raspberry, coltsfoot, thyme, chamomile flowers. Plants such as angelica, ginger, horsetail, motherwort, yarrow, fennel seeds, poplar and pine, birch buds, can be used only on prescription.

It is not necessary to cook their own mixture of different herbs.

Despite the obvious benefits of herbal teas, do not force yourself to drink tea if it tastes unpleasant. Better to take a break for a while (1-4 weeks), and then try again tea. If liked tea, you can drink it 2-3 days, after which it is recommended to take a break for 1-2 days, during which the brew any other plant.

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"Although to eight, and ten centimeters

came to me and asked me whether or not anything. But I

saying, "Thank you, Sun normal."

But in poldvenadtsatogo I could not lie to her, "I

it seems that I can not stand, I'd better do a cesarean. "

"No, no, you're done, well-kept" - cheered

she had me.

"No, I can not ... I'm hurt! God, when is it

end ... "I moaned. Mom's friend called the doctor

Olesya, she looked to me. Читать полностью -->

Galactostasia (lactostasis) Sometimes

in o n s and n t y s m and with m and m and n and a b s c e s with;

- If the pain does not allow you to feed, the breast should be released

decanting for 1-2 days until they will heal rifts.

Galactostasia (lactostasis)

Sometimes nursing mothers arise such painful conditions such as swelling of the nipple, mastitis, blocked ducts, or lactostasis (galactostasia). On breast engorgement occurs, redness, feeling of pressure, chest pain, increased temperature. After decanting frequent discomfort - painful tingling in addition appear slight swelling of the breast pump. If after 1-2 days no improvement, consult a doctor to avoid further surgery.

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